Viral Load Zero

Focus: Global Health

The Viral Load Zer0 (VL0) initiative is focused on addressing HIV/AIDS among the community-at-large, with a particular emphasis among youth and young adult populations. VL0’s main emphasis is to decrease HIV transmission rates through a three-fold approach that includes 1) making available the appropriate education at a younger age, 2) removing the stigma by opening up the conversation as it pertains to HIV/AIDS and 3) introducing Viral Load testing. The education is conducted utilizing peer educators comprised of members of the target population (peer-to-peer model). The curriculum includes lessons focused on HIV/AIDS, viral load, sexually transmitted infections, modes of transmissions, treatments, co-infections and opportunistic infections, stigma and discrimination, and other aspects related to HIV/AIDS.

Activities currently include, educational presentations, multi-session workshops, participation in free HIV testing opportunities, outreach events and the development of educational materials including pamphlets.