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SALVERE was established with the desire to give every person access to quality health. SALVERE means “to be in good health” in Latin and just as Latin serves as a mother tongue and root basis for many of our modern day languages, SALVERE works to be the rooted force behind health related change on a global scale.

SALVERE seeks to do this by engaging in efforts that help grant every person access to opportunities that improve health and well-being. This includes the utilization of a multi-modal approach that is rooted in education, research, mobilization of community partnerships and community engagement. Through programs such as the SALVERE Public Health Program, Viral Load Zero, the MENA Project and the SALVERE Public Health Summit, SALVERE works to bring public health to the forefront.


SALVERE strives to revolutionize public health practice because health should know no boundaries.

Our Story

Members of our global society often have the misperception that it is the responsibility of their respective governments to make the changes that we as a populace desire. We know our education and health systems are weak yet, more often than not, we wait for our elected officials to remedy the situation instead of making the change on our own. History has often illustrated that the greatest strides come as a result of a movement of the people, by the people, and for the people.

SALVERE is the byproduct of the desire of two individuals, Howaida M. Werfelli and Tonantzin E. Juarez Vazquez, trying to figure out a more effective way of addressing health disparities. What began as a conversation over dinner evolved into a desire to establish a nonprofit organization that focused on improving health and decreasing health disparities. They believed by improving health literacy, health disparities could be reduced. The desire to found a nonprofit organization only grew and on May 10, 2012 the dream became a reality.



SALVERE desires to be a rooted force behind health related change on a global scale. The work we do and the impact we want to have focuses on the end result…to be in good health. To be in good health requires a multifaceted approach that includes education, research, and community engagement.

Our HEALTH EDUCATION efforts emphasize informing the public about health related issues, improving health literacy and assuring a competent public health workforce. Programs such as the SALVERE Public Health Program connect pre-health (medical, dental, nursing and public health) students the opportunity to shadow health professionals in the field while gaining an understanding of various aspects of public health, health education and the role health professionals play in addressing health literacy and health disparities.

GLOBAL HEALTH efforts focus on addressing regional issues that contribute to the presence of health disparities. Participation and support of efforts such as Cercle de Liaison et d'Entraide Féminine's Health Education Program in Togo, Africa is just one example of our global presence.

We strive to bring HEALTH AND WELLNESS to the forefront by empowering everyone to make health and wellness a daily priority. Prevention efforts are known to reduce the burden experienced by health systems by reducing the health care costs expended per capita. This includes the implementation of physical education and coordinated health programs in primary school and improving access to care by addressing the barriers that prevent that from happening in the first place.

The refugee crisis presently occurring is unlike anything the world has seen before. Unrest in countries such as Libya, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, Mayanmar and others have resulted in thousands of people fleeing their countries for safer havens. REFUGEE AID focuses on providing refugees with essentials such as food, shelter, medicine and provides them with skills training to help them reestablish their lives.

WOMEN AND CHILDREN are crucial components in the formula for community success. Among the most impoverished people in the world are women. In many countries, women are less educated and have lower literacy rates then their male counterparts. Our efforts include addressing the source of this disparity and addressing it through efforts such as skills training and education. Women are the backbone of many families and we believe empowering women results in a rooted force that elevates not only a community, but also the world.





the Logo

The SALVERE logo symbolizes rebirth and renewed effort to move public health forward on a massive scale.

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What is
Health Literacy?

What does health literacy really mean? Health literacy is the ability of an individual to collect, process and comprehend basic health information and to make relevant and appropriate decisions about health behaviors.

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Health Program

The SALVERE Public Health Program was originally launched in 2012 as the SALVERE Pre-Nursing Public Health Program.

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Load ZerO

The Viral Load Zer0 (VL0) initiative is focused on addressing HIV/AIDS among the community-at-large, with a particular emphasis among youth and young adult populations.

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SALVERE welcomes tax-exempt donations to help achieve its mission. Your support will help us further our mission as we create partnerships to increase health literacy, decrease health disparities and improve health and wellness on a global scale. There are a variety of other ways you can take action.

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Global Health

We stive to be the best health advocate we can be.

Feb 25, 2015

Health Education

We strive to educate you and prepare you for the future.

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Health and Wellness

We strive to connect you to the proper care you need.

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Refugee Aid

We strive to assist in anyway we possibly can.

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Women and Children

We strive to empower woman so they can change the world.

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