Careers and Internships

We appreciate your interest in employment opportunities with SALVERE. We encourage you to review our jobs postings and apply for a specific opening.

Currently we do not have any positions available. Check back regularly for updates.

SALVERE Public Health Internship Program
The internship is designed to be both educational and applicable to real world settings. The SALVERE Public Health Intern is expected to apply skills acquired in school related to his or her particular areas of interest and apply them in a professional setting. Interns will participate in data collection, entry and analysis, research, evaluation, program planning and development, policy adoption and implementation, media advocacy and community activities. This internship will include collaboration and networking with other health and community-based organizations.

All interested students must submit a completed application and must be able to commit at least 250 hours per academic semester. Weekend assignments are available. Six (6) students per year are selected to undergo this program (three students per semester). The program runs from September to December and January to May each year.

Key responsibilities for the Intern are outlined in the SALVERE Public Health Internship Program Job Description. Key responsibilities include data collection, entry and analysis, research, evaluation, program planning and development, policy development and implementation, media advocacy and participation in community activities, among others. Each Intern will be expected to select a special project they would like to complete during their internship. Approval of the special project is mandatory prior to engagement in the project. A presentation on the special project will be scheduled in November and April of each year.

SALVERE Volunteer Program
The SALVERE Volunteer Program helps connect participants with opportunities to provide service not only with SALVERE, but also SALVERE’s community partners.

All interested individuals must submit a completed application. There is no minimum number of volunteer hours assigned to this program. There are weekend volunteer opportunities as well.

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Global Health

We stive to be the best health advocate we can be.

Feb 25, 2015

Health Education

We strive to educate you and prepare you for the future.

Feb 15, 2015

Health and Wellness

We strive to connect you to the proper care you need.

Feb 15, 2015

Refugee Aid

We strive to assist in anyway we possibly can.

Feb 25, 2015

Women and Children

We strive to empower woman so they can change the world.

Feb 15, 2015